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Know thyself: Organs in the digestive system-The Mouth.

Azimawellness foundational Talk 23/2019.

Know thyself: Organs in the digestive system-The Mouth.

We continue to unpack the series on digestive system. As mentioned earlier, this is the most critical system in the human body. It deserves more attention. Come with me we unpack more.

Our body is made to be self-sustaining. It has the capacity to protect and renew itself given the right conditions. Our no 1 responsibility is to supply what it requires to operate at optimum.

For movement the body requires energy Energy come from food we eat. God equipped us with well-designed organs to work on the food and extract energy and other essential nutrients.

Come with me we unpack to details the different organs in the digestive system. The first organ in the digestive system is the mouth. The mouth is where the first stage of food breakdown take place.

The mouth is made up of the following.

a) The teeth-Structure.

Teeth consists of three layers. An outer layer called enamel, which is wholly inorganic and is the hardest tissue in the body, covers part or all of the crown of the tooth. The middle layer of the tooth is composed of dentine, which is less hard than enamel and similar in composition to bone. The dentine forms the main bulk, or core, of each tooth and extends almost the entire length of the tooth, being covered by enamel on the crown portion and by cementum on the roots.

From around 6 months human beings start to develop teeth. The first teeth we develop are known as milk teeth and this stage happens between 6 months to 4 years of child birth. By age 4 human beings have around 20 fully developed milk teeth.

The milk teeth naturally shed off to allow for permanent teeth to grow. We have 32 permanent teeth that start to grow from when we are age 6.

The teeth’s function is to mechanically break down items of food by cutting and crushing them in preparation for swallowing and digesting.

Humans have four types of teeth: incisors, canines, premolars, and molars.

The incisors are found at the front of the mouth and have a sharp biting surface used for cutting or shearing food into small chewable pieces. There are eight incisors in both primary and permanent dentitions.

The canines are situated at the 'corners' of the dental arches. They have a sharp, pointed biting surface. Their function is to grip and tear food. There are four canine teeth in both primary and permanent dentitions.

The premolars, unlike the incisors and canines, have a flat biting surface. Their function is to tear and crush food. They are unique to the permanent dentition which has eight premolars.

The molars are the largest of the teeth. They have a large flat biting surface. The function of the molars is to chew, crush and grind food. There are eight molars in the primary dentition and twelve in the permanent dentition.

Our teeth play critical roles in our life. Our teeth arrange , shape and colour gives us an identity. Some people have snow white teeth while others have brown or stained teeth. The original colour of teeth should be white. We use teeth to break down the food and make it easy for digestion and assimilation.

If we compromise our teeth, we will therefore compromise our health.

Some of the ways we compromise our teeth is by taking very hot and cold items. Do not take hot food and immediately take cold water or juice. The sudden difference in heat will affect the inorganic part of the teeth , the enamel. Oral hygiene is also critical. We will discuss more about the gum and oral health in a later article.

We will continue to unpack to details more organs that make the digestive system in coming articles to have better understanding of our body systems, how they made to function and how to take good care of them. Don’t go away.

With Profound Respect,

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