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Preparing for 2020 -2030 decade .

Preparing for 2020 -2030 decade .

This is a good time to reflect on our relationship with money in the past 10 years. A lot has happened to us. We discovered where most of our money go. In this era of big data, we have know how much we need to live a comfortable life. We cannot do much without money. This is going to be the case even in the new decade.

Come with me we learn some basics about wealth.

Wealth is what works for you when you are not working. When you are asleep, on holiday or playing golf. One way to do this is to set up a business system that generates money for you in your absence. Notice we are talking of a business system, not a business. Or you can invest in an existing business.

In this life, we have smart people who have set up systems to generate income for them effortlessly. On waking up, we reach out for a switch to light up the house. That light is someone’s stream of income. He set up a business system that bring energy to our homes. Someone developed a system that generates energy and transports it to consumers to use at their own convenience. He has installed meters to record what each consumer draw from his network. This is a stroke of genius. The owner makes money when asleep or on holiday, at night and during the day. Including on public holidays. Making money for him never stops.

The same goes for piped water system. You open the tap and money starts flowing to their account. The more times we shower the more money flows to the owners bank . Most Kenyans start making money for Safaricom immediately we switch on our phone in the morning and start using data bundles to access WhatsApp. It is no wonder Safaricom reported their best performing sector in Q 3 are Mpesa and data. This is how residual income is made.

There are many such examples we can choose from. The trick is simple. Identify a gap in society and be the solution. Setup a system that meets those needs sustainable and work smart to project yourself as the go to person for that service or products.

An entrepreneur is always keen to come up with solutions or better ways of meeting people’s needs. They disrupt existing order and processes. They set up traps of making money and leave them to work for them. Money on its own does not have any power to grow. It only grows in the hands of a person who has increased money intelligence. Not academic IQ. The winners are those who have learnt ways to multiply monry through investments and recruited smart workers to keep the system running.

We will unpack to details how you can also do it like an expert. Money is an idea. Keep it here for more in the next article.

With profound respect,

Coach Maina Azimio.

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