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Azima Business Clinic. The WHY of a Business.

Azima wellness Business clinic.

The WHY of a Business

Before taking a business operational, its important to define the “WHY” of the business. The reasons for starting the business is the WHY. Without a why, the business is sterile. Most people start a business to make money. This can be frustrating because money is a reward for giving a service.

We start business to solve problems Or to meet felt needs in society Or to bridge a gap in the supply chain. Entrepreneurship is the higher level of business. Entrepreneurs do not only solve problems. They take society forward. An entrepreneur thinks ahead of his people. He/she come up with things the people don’t even know they need.

“if he asked people of his time what they wanted they could have asked for faster horses. But he gave them a car.”-Henry Ford.

The Wright brothers gifted us an airplane before we knew the advantage of flying. Bill Gates came up with Microsoft Operating system and sent all of us back to school to learn to do things the digital way. Graham bell discovered the Phone before people knew they needed to communicate far and wide. Steve Jobs perfected personal computers and came up with iPad and iPhone that changed how we do business.

A Business like Equity bank saw a gap to be met. The big banks back then were focusing on the wealthy. Equity went for the common mwanainchi.

Mpesa saw an opportunity to support those who could not afford to go to a bank to do the transactions. Now the financial inclusion of kenya is at 75.3%. This is the work of entrepreneurs! They take society forward.

What is your why?

With Profound respect,

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