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How to conceive and start a successful business.

Azimawellness Entrepreneurship 101; 
How to conceive and start a successful business.

Harv Eker has put it so well. Entrepreneurs solve problems. To become one, identify a problem in society that you want to solve. In Kenya and Africa we have many problems waiting to be solved. Come up with solutions and create a system to continuously deliver solutions to many people in a sustainable way. Then train people how to work the system to deliver the solutions you developed and move out. Use technology where you can to automate some systems for efficiency. You now own a business system. Not a job.

But be careful not to leave your system to people who do not believe in your dream. They will bring it down. If you populate your business with people who do not align with your vision, it will soon collapse.

If you are a start-up, seek advice from a mentor who have been there, done that. Do not fear to ask for help. A wise person learn from other peoples’ experiences . There are many people willing to share their experiences. Knowledge that is not shared is useless.

Take your time to get all the factors correct and ruthlessly execute the processes that delivers the desired results.
Understand that most people spend money emotionally, not logically. Limit the number of people you work with. The more people you have the more emotional conflicts you are likely to have. Be firm to ensure this does not dilute the WHY of your business. Or derail it altogether!

Avoid stat-up mistakes that many small enterprises make. Do not allow your entrepreneurship gift lie unutilized because of fear to fail. God gave it to you for a purpose. Allow Him to use you to serve His people. God work thru us.

My gift is to serve people in wellness. Am all out raising awareness about wellness. And now I have started a wellness center where we help guest to start using the knowledge we teach.

We acknowledge it is not easy to change lifestyle behaviors. We hand hold you through the starting process. And we remain by your side along the way. You are not alone in the journey to wellness.

With Profound Respect,

Coach Maina Azimio.

ICF- Accredited Certified Professional Coach,
Conference Speaker and Corporate Trainer in Wellness.
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