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Maina Azimio the Entrepreneur and Wellness Trainer

Am the founder director of a number of companies registered in Kenya with a regional reach. Azipharm Limited is the appointed agent of well known Veterinary Brands Henke Sass Wolf GMBH and Hauptner Herberholz of Germany representing them in East and Central Africa extending to Ethiopia, South Sudan, Eritrea, Djibouti and Somalia.

This region has a combined population in excess of 332 million People majority of them youths below 35 years which make it a high potential area for business growth.

Brand FABA - (For Africa By Africans)

Brand Faba advocates for home grown solutions to African problems. We have picked on Nigeria to launch into West Africa, Egypt to cover Northern Africa and Middle East , South Africa to cover the southern part with Nairobi as the headquarters which covers East and Central Africa extending to the horn of Africa.

Faba is targeting the 1.2 billion people in Africa. We advocate for developing our own Consumer products using available technology to make our own products instead of importing ready to use products from other continents which is exporting jobs and wealth.

This experience that I have gained in business for 25 years cutting across several sectors of our economy have given birth to Azima Wellness Consultants Ltd. In Azima Wellness, we share our hands on experience in what it takes to establish and grow business as a means to wealth creation

  • Mental Wellness
  • Health Wellness
  • Financial Wellness
  • Emotional wellness
  • Background

    Being a serial entrepreneur who sees a challenge in society and ask myself what i can do to solve the problem or meet the felt need has helped me to establish several companies. Quite often people around me ask me why I think I must come up with solutions to every challenge but I ask them why not?

    This is my attitude in entrepreneurship. My driving force in all ventures I have undertaken Am strong in identifying and translating ideas to solve problems into a business system. This is what has given birth to the many businesses I have established in the last 25 years.

    My companies include but not limited to:

    • Azima Wellness Consultants Limited

      This offers training to persons on matters of mental, health, financial and emotional wellness.

    • Azima Ventures Capital

      This offers support to startups and small enterprises to scale up. We also help people who want to transition from employment by empowering them to venture into business as a means to solid wealth creation.

    • Azipharm limited

      Majors in Veterinary pharmaceuticals and Medical devices.

    • Gilzak Enterprises Ltd

      This majors in installation and maintenance of renewable energy to private consumers and institutions like schools, hospitals and community project. It also handles Tenders to government departments, parastatals and Counties.

    • Nkai Murunya Springs - Water is life

      This company supply piped water to around 500 families in matasia area of Ngong in kajiado county. We are in the process of bottling the water to add value for better returns and expand the market reach.

    • We support people with innovative ventures to develop their ideas and advice them how to protect Intelectual Property.

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